After the Election: A Post about ObamaCare

I am updating my blog so that I can share this Facebook post from Kathryn Finn-Blume, who has colon cancer. I thought this was a more appropriate venue than FB:

Today I am VERY thankful that my stress over the possibility of losing the Affordable Care Act is over.  None of you have any clue what a wreck I have been worrying about this.  ***WARNING – the rest of the post is going to be considered very political to many of you.  To myself personally it is about my LIFE and compassion for others – to ensure that everyone can afford to be treated for whatev…

er health issue they have.  The elephant in the room is coming out… It may not be perfect, but no one ever took any stab at fixing a very broken system before this.  And it has fixed many problems.  How many of you have continued to cover your children after college graduation when they could not find a full-time job with health insurance?  Or a child who graduated from high school but didn’t enroll in college right away and didn’t have any other source for insurance?  There are many little parts that fixed so many issues plaguing us.  For those that don’t live with the very real problems of our healthcare system because they have never experienced no coverage, or any true medical problems, and haven’t truly researched it (only listened to rhetoric), you have no idea what a huge relief this is for me and so many more.  I have never been a one issue voter, but I came close this time.  If Romney had won and was successful in following through with his promise of repealing the Affordable Care Act on day one, I would have been screwed royally, along with so many of my friends.  Among with a few other reasons, this is the biggest reason there was no way I could vote for him, or any Republican right now. The lifetime limit cap is not allowed anymore due to this Act.  If it were repealed, our insurance could reinstate the cap they had.  I am close to hitting it.  Even though we have always paid our premiums (along with everyone else in my husband’s huge company), I would have lost any future coverage – written off to die by the insurance company.  We have paid maximum out of pocket, and no cap on our prescriptions, for 5 calendar years in a row, soon to be 5 if I live a few months of 2013.  That alone has put us in a desperate situation financially.  We have no means to pay in full for the treatment I need, with no insurance.  A friend of mine was just screwed over by his employer and the new insurance company they switched to.  So many people do not know the true laws.  HIPAA did NOT fully protect pre-existing conditions.  It helped.  When moving from group policy to group policy, you cannot be denied coverage.  You CAN be subject to a pre-existing condition exclusion for the 6 moths preceding the policy change, and that exclusion can be in place for up to ONE YEAR if you have had coverage without interruption (18 months if you’ve had a lapse in coverage over 63 days).  Thankfully my husband’s company negotiated new policies that required the insurer to take EVERY person currently on their plan when they changed our insurance last year.  But they didn’t have to do that.  My friend now can get their insurance, but it won’t cover anything related to cancer for a year.  But there is a little hope.  The Affordable Care Act has a band-aid until 2014 when no one can be denied for a pre-existing condition.  He can get insurance from a federal (or state if your state offers it) program where they can only charge you the going rate in your area for your age, without considering your pre-existing condistion.  Without the Act he has NO way to get coverage for his cancer that he can afford.  Children under age 19 can no longer be excluded at all due to the Act.  Can you imagine parenting a child with a chronic or life-threatening condition and you can’t insure them?  And you have no way to afford treatment for them?  Before this Act that did happen – it was a very real problem. For those of you still pissing and moaning about legislation that was desperately needed, and was passed through proper channels before being implemented, PLEASE stop and educate yourselves on the impact this has had on so many lives.  If there are parts of the policy that you feel need fixing, educate yourself in full and then ask your representatives to address those issues (I have already been part of this due to an oversight in wording that caused problems for those on Medicare when they had a colonoscopy that found and removed a polyp).  But PLEASE stop bashing the entire Act – it is taken as a personal affront by those of us for which it has saved our lives.  And truthfully we get very tired of people spouting off their mouths when they don’t live with the situation and haven’t even bothered to learn about the law, or have no constructive alternate ideas to address these very real issues.  Obviously everyone is entitled to an opinion, but I personally do not want to hear one more uneducated opinion by someone who gets their facts listening to Rush or others like him spew rather than researching and learning the FACTS on their own, rather than listening to party politics and entertainers.  Yes Rush is no political expert, but is an entertainer no different than pro wrestlers – he says things specifically to get a rise and keep ratings up.  That is his job – it is how he makes his living. If you have educated yourself and have a better way to fix the many many problems of our healthcare system, by all means speak up and contact your legislators with your ideas.  But don’t spew your hatred and rhetoric anywhere near me.  I will take offense – that you do not care about my life – or the lives of many others helped by FINALLY getting some change to a very broken system.  My message here includes a close family member.  Stop and think the whole thing through before insulting me and making me think you really don’t care if I live or die please.  The solutions of the world are not black and white, and never will be.  But solutions that show compassion for others do matter. Off that soap box and on to another… Going forward it is time to have respect for ALL elected officials and do our best to work with them.  Write them, email them, call their offices – let them know where you stand on the issues you care about.  Be an engaged constituent, but be respectful about it.  Their job is to represent us – our job is to keep them informed on what that means to us.  Some candidates I voted for won.  Others did not.  I will continue to move forward as an engaged citizen contacting my elected officials no matter what party or what their agenda, in a respectful way, to let them know my expectations for them.  I hope you will all join me in this even if your political views are very different from mine.

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Hello darkness my old blog

Nice to talk with you again. I’m trying to update and will post again soon.

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Photo Friday: Manufactured

Wham-O is having a successful run with a remake of this ancient twirling toy. I played with hula hoops as a kid in the 1960s. Now, the toy is making a comeback. Yay! So simple to mass produce.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Photo Friday: minimalist

Happy Earth Day! What a perfect theme for today. I’m submitting the first photo on the PF site, but I wanted to share a few more interpretations of minimalist.

Can you see four figures walking down the beach?

A minimalist musician

and sculpture

and dinner at home

minimalist decor in the powder room

and at a Raleigh flea market

down in Mexico, a palapa roof, some concrete steps and flooring, and vending machines put you in business – love the sign

some folks live without luxury in Topsail Beach, especially this coven of birds outside the window of a humble home.

others get by with the bare essentials in Isla

flying can be minimalist, too

no shovel or bucket required to play in the sand

a minimum amount of light can offer extraordinary beauty

while shadows offer refuge and solace

perhaps all we need are four walls, a ceiling, a floor. and a sparing wind.

and a way to get around


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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday


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Macro Monday: Dahlias

Finally! I took some new photos today with my Lumix. Much more fun than taking pictures of tornado damage, for sure.

I got a bit closer for this one.


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